Thanks everyone for participating this year!

Complete list of Winners
1.Each player is assigned a baseball team per week with a total of 162 games for the year and a total of 26 different teams.
2.The season starts on 3/31 and ends on 9/28.
3.Every day starting on 3/31 and continuing through 9/28(excluding all-star break) the prize pool increases by $10.
4.If a team scores exactly 13 runs in a game(no more, no less), the player who has that team wins the prize pool.
5.If 2 or more teams each score exactly 13 runs on a given day the money in the prize pool is divided evenly amongst the persons who have been assigned those teams.
6.The prize pool is then reduced to zero and the next day starts over at $10.
7.On the last day of the season(9/28) if no team scores exactly 13 runs then the player whose team scores the most runs in a game on 9/28 wins the prize pool.
If multiple teams have the highest total, the money is divided amongst the winners.
Otherwise money is paid out as in rules 4 and 5 above.
8.All games are based off the starting time of that game for a given day.
9.A game that is re-started at a later time will be considered started on that day and not the day it was originally played.
10.Entry is $60.