Congratulations Justin and Crystal!!

Here are some memories that I hope everyone will enjoy looking at. My best friend Justin MacLean got married on April 26, 2003. He married a great woman in Crystal. I wish them many many years of happiness together.

Amber and Jamie.JPG

anxious spectators.JPG

at altar1.JPG

at altar2.JPG

at altar3.JPG

blowing bubbles.JPG

Brenda Justin and Sara.JPG

Bridal Party1.JPG

Bridal Party2.JPG

Bridal Party3.JPG

church alter.JPG

church dark.JPG

crystal down aisle1.JPG

crystal down aisle2.JPG

crystal down aisle3.JPG

crystal with parents and sister.JPG

crystals family.JPG

Cutting Cake.JPG

Cutting Cake2.JPG

Dale and Jan Sipla.JPG

damn they look happy!.JPG

don't know.JPG

Feeding Cake Aftermath.JPG

Feeding Cake blurry.JPG

First Dance.JPG

flower girls.JPG

Garter,Bouquet winners.JPG

Hall - center view.JPG

Hall - decorations.JPG

Hall - empty.JPG

Hall - empty2.JPG

Hall - empty3.JPG

Hall - gift table.JPG

Hall - head table.JPG

Hall - kathy in view.JPG

Hall - kathy in view2.JPG

here they are!.JPG

Holly Steve Eddie.JPG

how do these work.JPG

Intros - Andrew.JPG

Intros - Brandon.JPG

Intros - Justin and Crystal.JPG

Intros - Justin and Crystal2.JPG

Intros - Keith and Donna.JPG

Intros - Mark and Jennifer.JPG

Intros - Ryan and Sandy.JPG

Justin and his boy.JPG

Justin and Shawn.JPG

Justin and stepdad.JPG

Justin dancing with Pete.JPG

Justin Popping the Cream in mouth.MPG

Justin Practicing.JPG

Justin with brother in law.JPG

Justin with his brothers.JPG

Justin's bros and mom.JPG

Justin's crew.JPG

Justin's family.JPG

Justins family.JPG

Justins folks.JPG

Justins folks2.JPG

Justins mom and Kathy blurry.JPG

Kacy and Kathy.JPG

Kacy and Shawn.JPG

Kathy and Justin's Mom.JPG

kathy and keith1.JPG

kathy and keith2.JPG

Kathy dancing with Justin.JPG

keith and donna down aisle.JPG

keith and donna down aisle2.JPG

Keith and Justin.JPG

Keith and Kathy at hall.JPG

Keith doing the chicken dance.JPG

Keith Justin Mark.JPG

keith outside.JPG

Kevin and his family.JPG

Kevin B and his daughter, the Flower Girl.JPG

kevin shirley.JPG


kissing at the altar.JPG

let's get out of here.JPG

Mark and Justin.JPG

Mark before Wedding.JPG

mark jennifer.JPG

Mike Jamie Mark.JPG

Mike Thill and wife.JPG

Mom and Dad Svetlin.JPG

Mrs Thill Carla and Mark.JPG

Parents getting down.JPG

Patio - groomsmen with Crystal.JPG

Patio - groomsmen with Crystal2.JPG

Patio - Groomsmen with Justin.JPG

Patio - Wedding Party.JPG

Patio - WeddingParty.JPG

Pete dancing with Justin.JPG

Pre-Wedding Church.JPG

Priest and Justin.JPG

ring bearer flower girl.JPG

Ring Bearer getting ready.JPG

ring exchange crystal to justin.JPG

ring exchange justin to crystal.JPG

Ryan and Chris.JPG

Ryan Beckoning Shady to dance.JPG

ryan sandy.JPG

Steve Kerri Kim.JPG

The Boys and Crystal good.JPG

The Boys and Crystal(dark).JPG

the first of many photos.JPG

the MacLeans look at each other.JPG

the MacLeans.JPG

the MacLeans2.JPG

the thills outside.JPG

the thumb dance.JPG

wedding cake.JPG

whew thank god it's over.JPG

you can see the love in their eyes.JPG

you may kiss the bride.JPG

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