Club Watch

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The highlight to Bridges is the Thursday night $1.50 you-call-its. The second highlight is the Friday night hot-lets/hot buns contest. The guys go one week, with a circle full of women to cheer you on. Just make sure you donít mind if your shirt gets pulled off. The ladies go the following week. $100.00 cash prizes to the winner with a grand prize at the end of the summer. The cheap drinks on Thursdays and the hot bodies contest on Fridays make sittiní down and kickiní back very affordable and enjoyable. Bridges also offers dollar shots (pucker, Jell-O shots) on other nights, which will be served up by the friendliest shot girls around. Bridges has a good layout. The front is a much more laid back atmosphere, typical sports bar set-up. It is separated from the back, so you can carry a normal conversation without losing your voice. The back is definitely more of a party atmosphere. Music is blaring. There are two pool tables, a couple dart boards and a cozy dance floor. On the down side, if you are looking for a party, then donít bother showing up any day other than Thursdays and Fridays. The sports bar area is always the same, but the back will be dead. The other downside is that I have never hooked up there Ö (or at least not yet).


Bin Willies     

Bin Willies is the club thatís definitely jumpiní jumpiní. Every Saturday night is jam packed and usually packed full with H. O. T. hotties. Bin Willies offers a great sunken dance floor layout, with a ledge of the side for those of us who need a little more attention. The dance floor comes complete with a solid sound system, good light system and one of the more active smock machines around, plus one of the better laser lighting systemsÖ..just some of the reasons this club is jumpiní jumpiní The style of music changes throughout the night, but its all dance music. The DJ will hit about a half hour of straight techno sometime throughout the night. Heíll also play everything from house-mix to dance covers. Speaking of the DJ, Iíve heard from a few of my more feminine sources that heís on the attractive side and likes company in the DJ booth, but I cannot confirm this. One rule to follow is that thereís no drinks on the dance floor, but he lack of drinks on the floor is made up for by the two bars located at opposite ends of the club. The larger of the two is definitely one of the larger bars around. My favorite aspect is the ceiling height. The tall ceilings keep the club relatively smoke free. There are two pool tables on the far side, which see steady action throughout the night. Another huge plus is in the club there is Pizza inc, also known for its delicious presence at the boats. Very few thinks taste better than a slice of pizza after dancing the night away. There are two downsides to the club and that is that there is not a good sound barrier to separate a place to shoot pool or to talk with that lucky someone. The other downside is a plus for me, but when bin willies is hoppiní, itís definitely hoppiní. There often is not much room to move around.



Zuniís is an excellent party spot, but it is probably the worst pickup joint Iíve ever seen - for guys that is. A fair number of couples go and what single women are there are swarmed by the masses of guys who are hanging on the edge of the dance floor.  Zuniís does have an excellent layout with a good sized elevated dance floor and two pool tables at the far end to provide some sound dampening. There are two bars and getting your drink in a timely matter is rarely a problem. Zuniís plays mostly dance music, but youíll probably find the best variety hereÖ anywhere from a more rock edge like ĎGet Nakedí to an older classic song like something from Tone Loc to something recent like Jumpiní Jumpiní Zuniís plays a lot more songs and a lot less DJ mixes. If youíre standing there saying "whatís this, Iíve never heard it before" then youíre not at Zuniís.





Get your glow sticks out, for it's Techno/Euro dance mixes at Finki's.  The dress here is a on the nice side and Finki's plays mostly dance mixes, but will through in a few pop songs too.  One of the largest dance floors around and it's usually full, but not so packed you can't move.  There are two large bars, but because of the high volume of people, drinks are slow coming on the bottom floor.  The insider tip is to go to the top floor to get your drinks; plus, from there you'll have a NICE view of whomever happens to be on the dance floor.  Combine the style of music, the quantity of people, the dress, the cover charge, and the cool 'overlook the dance floor' layout then you'll see that Finki's is definitely more of a downtown feel.  If you want to go to a downtown club, but don't want to go downtown, then Finki's is the place.


Long Shots

First of all, you have to high to one of the bartenders, cause she's dating my brother.  Long Shots, on dance nights definitely is hoppin'  It has one of the younger crowds around and is usually packed.  The dance floor is too small, but the atmosphere makes up for it.  Also has a couple of pool tables and dartboards.  Had developed a reputation of getting kind of rough, but an increase in security has solved that problem.  Definitely a good time.

For information on downtown clubs and club hosted parties see Chicago clubers will also host parties at certain downtown clubs, where you can get in for discounted costs and get discounted drinks.  I went to their New Years Eve sponsored party this year and had a blast.  Check it out on their website.  see Pictures/Moretties.

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