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Tips on Blind Date
The Region Rats especially suggest these tips if you use our desperate and dateless section
  1. Always meet in a public place for safety reasons. A restaurant,
  2. Always have an ‘out’, just in case the date is going terribly. Have a friend page you are call on your cell phone. Have a good excuse for leaving thought of ahead of time (no family deaths please)
  3. Avoid going to the movies. I enjoy the show, but it makes a terrible first date, because when the shows over you didn’t really get to know your company at all and you have to go on another first date.
  4. Arrange something to do other than sit and stare at your company. Dinner is fine, but if you are doing something else (miniature golf), then it helps take away from the awkward silences and helps conversation flow easier. It also gives subject matter.
  5. Be cautious with double dates. Double blind dates sound like a great idea, but there are a few traps to avoid. Make sure the other couple is fairly stable. I had a blind date, where my friend and his girlfriend spent the whole evening arguing. I, of course, backed my friend, and my date backed her friend (my friends girlfriend). Another trap to avoid is the ‘easier conversation trap’ That’s where the two pairs of friends who already know each other spend the evening talking to each other instead of (the sometimes more difficult conversation) talking to their newfound company

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Tips from Women to Men

Ladies, f you have some tips that you wish women knew or maybe just something your guy did that's worth bragging about, then Click Here:  and follow the instructions.

  1. Taking your girlfriend to a bar with all of your buddies and getting tanked is not considered a date. Although it can be fun, a date, TO A WOMAN, should include some kind of romance
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Tips from Men to Women
These are tips that us men wish you women knew….or maybe tips we wish you didn’t know.   Guys, f you have some tips that you wish women knew, then Click Here:  and follow the instructions.
  1. Appreciate the little things, but repay the big things. If he takes you out dancing, then let him know you had a good time, but a thank you for a fancy dinner might include a back massage.
  2. Hint Well….We are not stupid, but sometimes its OK you pretend we are. I don’t know how many times I’ve been talking to a female friend of mine and she’s said, "like I dunno what’s wrong with him. Why won’t he ask me out?" and for every time that has happened there’s been 10 times when she  has complained about too many drunk guys that she’s not interested in hitting on her at the bar. If you are interested in a guy, then send him a signal. Send him one he’ll pick up too. If he doesn’t pick up the signal then its your fault, not his. If he picks it up, but doesn’t act on it, then it’s his.
  3. Guys all the time say that they want women to be more aggressive and ask them out……they lie….those guys who are saying that, just want the luxury that women have. They want to just sit there and do nothing and have the girl they are interested in to come over and hit on them. (who wouldn’t) what they don’t realize is that women they are not interested in will hit on them too. I’ve had several women hit on me and I’ll be honest, I’m entirely comfortable when someone I’m not interested in starts being real forward and aggressive. I’m much happier when she just drops hints, acts friendly, maybe comes over and talks to me, flirting is OK….then I either ignore the hints or act on them.
  4. Don’t ask for flowers. Be happy if you get them, but don’t ask for them. Yeah, we know you like flowers. Ask your friends and find out how many of them don’t. All girls like flowers, but us men are flawed to the point of we are just so practical that we can’t see spending $60 on a bouquet of flowers. "but they don’t cost that much" you reply. The reason you don’t think flowers cost much is cause we buy them and you never buy them on a holiday. Try buying flowers for your boyfriend for no apparent reason a couple times a month and then again on every holiday. I’ll bet you don’t.
  5. Offer to pay for something (but only if the offer is genuine). It’s past the nineties now and equal rights is everywhere, even when the check comes. Guys like when women offer to pay. There are several women who, for some reason, think (and expect) guys to pay for everything. If a sugar daddy is what you’re looking for, then by all means, go for it. More likely what is going to happen is the guy will pay for a while, but eventually stops. By now it’s a little later in the relationship and its about this time when the girl starts complaining, "How come you don’t take me out anymore?" Well, sister it’s because you don’t ever pay and that makes me think that my wallet is more important than me…..That means I’ve lost interest. Not in you, but rather in your shallow ways. If you are this shallow, then my tip is become a prostitute, at least then you are honest about your intentions. If you are not this shallow, then offering to pay show’s this.

Editor’s comment. I agree with the above, but don’t always pay. Granted there are more women who do this than guys, but some people are looking for a free ride. Don’t be a chump. If you complain cause you’re guy only takes you out once a week and he’s too cheap to take you somewhere really nice, then you got issues and stay away from me. If you complain, cause your guy never takes you out and when he does, then you always pay, then dump him, he’s a scrub.

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Tips from Women to Women
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Tips from Men to Men
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Game's Tips

This is my tip of the month, based solely upon the experiences I’ve had or witnessed. Take em’ or leave em’

By about date #4, you’ve probably become close enough to pull a little cheesiness out. Pull it out too early and you’re a tool, but by now a little cheesiness may seem romantic. The key to this date is that you planned it out and obviously put some time and effort into being a little romantic. The key to this date is in taking care of the little things. You need to plan for everything. OK, here’s how the date goes….Show up to her place a little early, (yeah, I know she won’t be ready) and hand her three envelopes marked 1,2, and 3….creative huh? Don’t tell her where you guys are going or what you’re doing. If she asks either now or earlier when you guys made the date, then just tell her that you’re handling this one. You could mention that you’ll be eating, to make sure she doesn’t eat right before you get there. Anyways, Instruct her to open the first and read it. She should not open the other two until you tell her to do so. The first letter should thank her in advance for a wonderful evening and should tell her what to wear/bring. If you are good with poetry, then use/include a poem. If you are not, then skip it. It’s better to have no poem than a lame one. She will need casual clothes, a jacket, and her smile. It should also ask for a little trust and patience and no questions. You may want to hint at what the date has in store, but don’t give it away. Drive down to the beach, find a place to park, and stroll out onto the beach. Depending on where you go (see Beach Watch for some tips on which beaches to go to), this may be technically illegal and parking may be difficult, so plan this in advance. Figure out where you’re going to go and find some good places to park ahead of time. When you get to the beach, save the ‘romantic walk’ for later, for now just find a spot and get settled. You’ll be carrying a few things anyways. When you find a spot, tell her to open the second letter and start setting up. The second letter should say something cute and sweet and something blah blah about a little picnic and an astronomy lesson. You should lay down a sheet, with a blanket, folded up on top. You guys can lie on the sheet, leave the blanket folded up until you guys decide to get cozy. You don’t want to seem presumptuous. You will need something to hold the four corners of the sheet down otherwise the wind will change your romantic evening into a ‘well, he tried’ evening (shoes work well). You should also have a little cooler with some kind of light and easy grub… sandwiches with some juice/water/alcohol drink …whatever. Don’t forget napkins and a place for your trash. There may not be a garbage can nearby and litterbugs always look like chumps. Pull out a candle and a lighter. The candle will need a shield from the wind, but will not need a holder. Burying it in the sand will work fine. After dinner maybe take a nice romantic walk, then come back and lie on the sheet. While laying on the sheet, gaze up at the stars and start spouting some entertaining little story about astrology or maybe what stars are in what constellation. If you don’t know anything about astronomy, then either brush up before the date or make something up. If you opt to make something up, then shoot for humor, don’t try to fool her. Maybe tell the story of the great hunter (you) who rides the giant Taurus (or whatever your car is) and slays the giant demon (the ant you just flicked off of the blanket) for the beautiful fair maiden (your ex-girlfriend…no I’m kidding). When you tell the story, point out stars that are supposed to be the characters in the story. Oh, you see that cluster that kind of looks like a guy. That’s El-cool-guy-io. He is that hero of our story, and – uh the big dipper over there – that’s really el-hotty-eeo. She’s the heroin of out story. And they meet up with john….oh yeah, john is the big dipper too. And then those two stars there…yeah, that’s the great battle between el-cool-guy-io and the giant dragon, at the cliffs of Mt indianola which, overlook the fiery see of…..anyway, you get the point. Hopefully, she’ll want to get a little cozy. I speak from experience there is very few things more sexy than getting comfortable with a significant other by the moonlight with the stars and crashing waves as a background. The third letter should be given at the end of the date and she should open it after you leave (if you spend the night, then let her open it, but make sure the letter implies that you thought you were leaving….again don’t want to seem presumptuous), The letter should thank her for a wonderful evening and include an offer for a sequel. There are several other things you should definitely bring. Some of them should be left in the car, some of them should be brought with you onto the beach in a gym bag probably. These include: an umbrella for rain, two pair of drawstring shorts – one for each of you in case the swimming bug bites, a towel or two, a sweatshirt in case she gets chilly, protection, and some bug spray – bring it, but don’t wear it, unless you need to. It’s a mood killer and a give away…..oh, and you could probably leave the Frisbee and the volleyball at home. Good luck.             Game

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Greek's Tips
Greek's tips will be all about you and getting what you want.  Nuff' said.

1)  Greek tip #1.  This is how to get a woman, that you're dating to do all your laundry.  Never fails.  Ask her to go out, only tell her to meet you at your house (or wherever it is that you do laundry).  If you normally drive, then at the end of the date go back to your house afterwards.  If you don't have a washing machine and she does, ask her if you can come over and do laundry.  Don't ask her to do it for you.  Regardless, start a conversation with her and right in the middle, as you're talking, go to the laundry room and start doing your laundry (she'll follow)... the key is then to just completely stuff your washer full of all your clothes.  Whites, darks, everything.  Cram four loads into one washer if you can.  Then pick up the box of soap and look at it funny as if you're reading the directions.  She'll probably stop you at this time.  If not, then keep doing more and more stupid stuff.  When she finally asks what you're doing and starts making fun of you, act hurt and proclaim to have no idea how to do laundry.  Act like what you're doing is just fine.  She'll do your laundry for you, guaranteed.  Women like to take care of their men anyways.

2)  The above tip works for everything else.. especially if you move in together.  If she asks you to help doing dishes, ironing clothes, washing the toilet, everything.... you don't know how to do anything.  You're totally helpless and lost without her.  She'll be more than glad to do all the housework and you can watch sports center, wrestling, and play video games.

3)  If you're ever dating a woman just, you know, for sex, and you can't stand her.  Don't dump her, cause then.... no sex.  What you should do is take her around your friends all the time.  That way, they have to deal with her whining and you don't.  Yeah, you're in the same room with her, but you don't really have to talk to her.  You got your friends there... and then when you're done, you can go home with your girl and have quality time.

4)    How to guarantee that you score in a club.... guaranteed to get laid every time.  OK, first, you go get piss drunk.  Not so drunk that you can't stand up, but drunk enough, so you don't care what you're doing, how many times you get turned down, or what you're saying.  Next, mess up some bitches hair.  She'll get really annoyed, but just keep messing with her hair... .like you're in third grade or something.  Eventually, she'll decide that she wants to go home with you. - and if she doesn't, then mess up her friends hair.

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Tips for People & Couples of all Ages

1) The first tip is Wednesday nights at 

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Tips when $ is no object
 --- rent out that one room where S&G went.
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