Jokes and Riddles

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April's riddle: 

    You are alone on the second floor of your house.  There are three light bulbs on the third floor and you cannot currently see any of them.  You can see all three of the doors leading to the rooms that the lights are in; however, all of the doors are closed.  The three rooms are a bedroom, a bathroom, and a guest room.  All three rooms have other lights in the room and you do not know if they are on or off.  To your left, down the hall, there is a door, which is closed.  This door leads downstairs to the basement. The laundry room is in the basement; however, there is no laundry shoot leading to one of the rooms upstairs.  At the center of the basement is an oak wood panel.  On this panel, there are three light switches.  These switches are not labeled; however, you know that these three switches belong to the light bulbs on the top floor. You may go downstairs and/or upstairs; however you cannot enter any room more than once. In other words, you may not go downstairs multiple times and you may not go upstairs multiple times.  How can you, by yourself, determine which switch belongs to which light bulb, without leaving or damaging the house.

April's Joke: 

    A man was walking down the street and a bum came to him and asked for money... "Are you going to buy BOOZE with it" the man asked... "No" the bum replied.... "Well then are you going to gamble with it?"  the man asked.... "NO," said the bum, "I won't drink or gamble."  The man replied ... "Will you come over and show my wife how a man who doesn't drink or gamble turns out?"




May's Riddle:

    It is 10:00 PM and four men (Justin, Mark, Ryan, and Pete) come up to a bridge.    The bridge is very weak and will collapse if more than two of them cross at a time.  There is a troll that lives under the bridge.  The troll will eat anyone who crosses, but fortunately for the four men, they have a torch and as everyone knows, Trolls are afraid of fire.  The only problem is that the four men only have one torch, the bridge will not burn, and there is nothing around that will burn sufficiently.  The men cannot cross without a torch, but the troll will not attack them once they are on either side.  The bridge is rather long, there is no way the torch can be thrown from one side to the other.  The men must safely cross the bridge; however they are being chased by an ogre, who is not afraid of fire.  To escape from the ogre they must all cross within a half-hour, before the ogre gets there.  The ogre is too heavy to cross the bridge.  The first man, Justin is slow, because he always stops to talk trash to the troll.  He takes 10 minutes to cross.  The second, Mark, is faster.  He takes 5 minutes to cross.  The third, Ryan, is faster yet.  He takes only 2 minutes to cross.  The final man, Pete, is lazy.  He refuses to run, so he takes 15 minutes to cross.  If two men cross at the same time, the faster man must move at the same speed as the slower to stay with the torch.  Example, It takes 10 minutes for Justin and Mark to cross, or 15 minutes for Pete and Mark to cross.  Can you get all four of the men safely across the bridge in a half-hour or less. 

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